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Elevate Your Business with Levain’s Wholesale Doughnut Artistry

Partner with Levain Doughnuts, Melbourne’s unparalleled doughnut wholesaler, to offer your customers an experience of premium, artisan doughnuts. Be it for your display case, restaurant menu, or special events, our creations bring both aesthetic and gastronomic appeal.

As the go-to doughnut wholesaler in Melbourne, we're primed to fulfill every facet of your business's doughnut needs—including bespoke customizations. Collaborate with us to enrich your offerings with our meticulously handcrafted Levain doughnuts.

Branded Packaging & Promotions

From custom branded name tags and banners to specialized signage and packaging, we offer a comprehensive range of business branding options to magnify your corporate identity.

Flexible Order Requirements

Minimum order quantities are tailored according to your location. Reach out to us to discuss your unique needs and let’s make culinary magic happen together.

Seven-Day Delivery Excellence

We stand ready to deliver freshly made, high-quality doughnuts to your business seven days a week. Offering morning delivery slots between 5-10am, we adapt our schedule to fit yours.

Freshness & Shelf Life

While our doughnuts are best enjoyed within 24 hours of delivery, they can also be frozen for up to 30 days without compromising on quality, offering you greater flexibility in inventory management.

Curated or Custom Selections

Depending on your specific requirements, we deliver a curated assortment of filled, split, and bullseye doughnuts to enhance your business's offerings. Alternatively, you have the liberty to handpick your favorites from our extensive and ever-evolving menu.

Tailored Pricing

Prices are customized based on location and order volume. Contact us for a personalized quote that aligns with your business objectives.

Dietary Accommodations

Committed to inclusivity, we're pleased to offer vegan and gluten-free doughnut variants, making sure that all of your customers can indulge in the Levain experience.

Wholesale Enquiries

Step into a world of distinguished taste and quality; let Levain Doughnuts transform your business into a destination of gourmet delight.

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